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Welcome to the World of Steph

12 January 1989
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Im Steph ... I like to read, and have long walks on the beach with that special someone at sunset ... Well Im dead sexy, everyone knows that. Lol not really. Im not a highschool dropout (unlike loser girls I know). Im a cheerleader but not a whore. Im part of STD BFFL = Steph, Teri, Dani Best Friends For Life. Im not a sterotype, but I wish I was.


Ok so you can probably tell Im a bit of a loser, I like to joke around and have fun! Who doesnt, laughing is the best cure for anything.

Loves;; Lo from Laguna Beach season one. Shes awesome. Actually anyone who lives in Laguna Beach. Kristen Bell, Marilyn Munroe, Kirsten Dunst, Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham. OH I love Hayden Panettiere. Shes so pretty! I love love love my HipTop, its my baby.

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